Early June Roundup

On Memorial Day Weekend  Mark & Danielle hosted a Hay / Muller picnic.  We drove to the Hays and dropped off Eric and then picked up Barb and Joe in Albany getting back to the Hays at 12:30.  Barbara really enjoyed getting out among family and the weather was perfect for a picnic.

Eric went on the 8th grade camping trip (Thursday – Saturday) to Beaver River; sharing a tent with 6 of his buddies.  Initially he wasn’t interested in going, but relented under ‘encouragement’.  I think he had a good time as he said having his life guard certification would allow him to go again as an underclassman.

While he was on the camping trip we went to Rochester for Leo’s wedding.  We just made it to the ceremony as the bride was walking in.  It was a short ceremony and over in 10-12 minutes.  We hung around the reception, talked to most all the Skellys’ and then drove home.

On Sunday Eric played in a 4 team round robin tournament at HCCC.  Three teams consisted of 8th and 9th graders.  One team had three varsity players and they blew out every other team.  Eric had an mediocre showing; he had some rebounds in traffic,  he had a couple of good blocks and played good defense, but he missed all his shots, except for a fast break layup.

Modified lacrosse finished up with Eric playing as a 2nd line middie.  Eric got better at boxing out and digging out the balls on the ground.  He did a few face-offs and overall enjoyed the games.  He is planning to play summer lacrosse at TriCityLacrosse when the fields dry out enough to play.

This weekend Kathryn and I started cutting firewood from Cookout Corner.  There were lots of standing dead ash trees and we likely could get out entire winter’s supply just from Cookout Corner.

We put Eric’s computer desk and the large entertainment center out by the road with a free sign.  The computer desk was picked up within an hour.  The entertainment center was taken by an Amish family who loaded up on top of their carriage. Quite the sight to see.

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