Estimated Firewood as of 15Oct2017

I estimate that Kathryn and I have cut approximately 19 face cords of firewood in the past few weeks. We have been fortunate in that the weather most weekends has been dry and warm.

Status of the Woodpile

Kathryn and I have been cutting firewood on weekends since we came back from vacation. We got a lot of dead ash from the junction of north trail and the spring trail as well as the intersection of north trail and the angle trail. In cutting there we were pulling dead ash out of the […]

Early June Roundup

On Memorial Day Weekend Mark & Danielle hosted a Hay / Muller picnic. We drove to the Hays and dropped off Eric and then picked up Barb and Joe in Albany getting back to the Hays at 12:30. Barbara really enjoyed getting out among family and the weather was perfect for a picnic.

Eric […]

Blueberry Weekend

Many, many years ago I asked Dad if he could make a replacement handle for one of my slip scoops. He might have even still been living at Route 30. I know the last time I used the slip scoop Ed was living with us and he drove our little Ford tractor and I manned […]