Breaking Snowshoe Trails

The dogs and I took a nice snowshoe hike spotting a Ruffed Grouse’s Kieppe, what I believe are quite possibly bobcat tracks, a couple of scent marked sticks by alleged bobcat and the miles of view offered by Pen Bonc Hill.

My snowshoeing buddies: Cullen and Scout (who’s long hair gives her a striking resemblance to a miniature Musk Ox)

I enhanced this photo’s contrast to highlight the Kieppe made by this Ruffed Grouse. I believe he/she flew in and landed at the top of the photo – there were two distinct wing patterns in the snow. The grouse then walked a short distance and burrowed out a shelter in the snow for protection overnight. The burrow had pellets and was urine stained. In the morning he/she left across the pile of snow (the foot prints are visible) launched into the air and a single wing beat shown in the show marks the departure.

What I believe may be bobcat tracks.

One of the several scent marked sticks we encountered on our hike.

JThe view east to Frankfort from Pen Bonc Hill