April Fools

We just finished our traditional backwards April Fools Dinner- dressed up crazy, eat dessert 1st, use kitchen utensils for bowls and silverware. We had ice cream sundaes followed by bacon and eggs. Eric got me with the old ‘sugar in the salt shaker with the loose top’ trick.

This was in retaliation for the 200 […]

April Fools Day

Kathryn went swimming and I was awake early so I prepared Eric’s door for April Fool’s Day.

Eric said “Ha, ha, very funny, Dad!” He responded by telling me my teeth needed to be brushed again and he had prepared my toothbrush for me. (It was soaped…)

Annual April Fool’s dinner: Menu (banana […]

April Fools Dinner 2011

Last night Eric told me I didn’t have to put toothpaste on my brush this morning. He would do me a favor and do it for me. On 1 April? I am not too suspicious. 😉

I started the day by papering Eric’s bedroom door. He was glad that he got pranked.

We held our […]

April Fools Dinner

For the past 28 years we have done an April Fools Dinner. The format is crazy attire, sloppy food, eating dessert first, and using kitchen utensils. Below you can see our table setting; no plates or normal bowls. Eric and Jim are properly dressed for the occasion.

First on the menu is pudding; […]

April Fools Dinner

It has been a family tradition to celebrate April Fool’s Day with the kids by having a “crazy dinner”. We dress up weird, eat our meal in reverse order (dessert 1st), and use kitchen utensils instead of normal silverware. For a 5 year old boy this is one notch below Christmas as a holiday and […]

April Fool’s Day

Kathryn introduced the April Fools Day Dinner into our family and we have always done a “backwards” meal on 1 April with the kids. Basically we all dress crazy, eat the meal in reverse order (dessert 1st), spaghettie is the normal fare and we use kitchen utensils instead of normal silverware. Obviously it is always […]