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HP Gold Basketball Playoffs

Last year both HP teams were dominated by 4th graders and they ended up playing each other in the championship game.  This year the 4th graders moved on and the two HP teams were dominated by 3rd graders playing for the 1st time.  HP Gold had two 4th graders, Deegan and Matthew (who had never played before).

HP Gold’s repertoire consisted of two out of bounds plays: BOX or STACK usually in-bounded by Michael, Deegan or Eric.  They had five plays:

  • OHIO – Spread the floor and point guard penetrates middle and looks for open low post players
  • #1.    Wings (2 & 3) set picks for Low Post(s) (4 &5) who come to foul line to receive a pass.
  • #2.    Right side or left side signaled by hand calling the play.  Depending on side 2 or 3 sets a pick for the point guard and then rolls to the basket after setting a pick.
  • #3.    Both 2 & 3 set a pick for the point guard and then roll to basketball and/or crash the boards
  • 1-3-1 NAME – NAME stays in the low post and uses three person screen as they wish.  Three on foul line crash the boards after NAME passes them.
  • 21/31/41/51 Numbered person takes the handoff from point guard and loops around.

Positions:  1 = Point Guard, 2 = Takes ball out and plays wing, 3 = Wing, 4 & 5 = Low Post

  • Point Guard: Deegan / Luke
  • Wings: Jack / Luke / Eric
  • Post: Michael / Trevor / Matthew / Sawyer

HP Gold entered the playoffs as a #8 seed and played a highly organized, white T-shirted team from Oriskany. The white team called all their plays as CAROLINA #whatever and ran 90% of them on the right side.  It was a low scoring game with HP Gold playing superior defense; taking away the white team’s initial options and causing them to reset their offense multiple times.  HP Gold was more aggressive than usual rebounding the ball with excellent rebounding performances by Matthew, Sawyer and even Eric.

Game 2 was played versus a maroon team.  It was even through the 1st half and then in the 2nd half the maroon team went on a little run that HP Gold wasn’t able to overcome, finally losing by 4 points.


Schoharie Indians Basketball 1970 -71

SCS Junior Varsity Team picture from 1968, my freshman year in high school.  #21 before his growth spurt.

I found some articles online that documented basketball games from my junior and senior years at Schoharie Central School (SCS).

Schoharie ‘5’ Outscores Rich’ville

SCHOHARIE _ Schoharie defeated Richmondville 60-49 in a Schoharie County League basketball opener Wednesday night. Steve Foland scored 23 points to lead Schoharie to its victory while Jim Muller added 12.

Andy Markely was the high scorer for Richmondville, with 23.

Schoharie jumped off to a 21-10 advantage at the end of the first quarter and held leads of 30-24 at halftime and 43-36 at the end of three quarters. Foland scored 12 of his 23 points in the first quarter.  Schoharie now has a 1-1 overall record.  Richmondville is 0-2 overall.  Schoharie won the junior varsity game 81-22.

From page 105 of the December 1 1970 Schenectady Gazette report.

Schoharie vs Greenville game

Ken Kelly scored 27 points and pulled down 15 rebounds as he led Schoharie to its triumph over visiting Greenville.  Schoharie held a narrow 17-15 lead after the first period but gradually built its advantage to 32-17 at halftime and 51-41 after three periods.  Bill Baker, with 16 points, Jim Muller, with 15 points and 15 rebounds, and Steve Foland with 13 points also contributed to the Schoharie effort.

Len DiGlovani scored 19 points and Bob Organ added 14 for Greenville.  The junior varsity score was Greenville 54, Schoharie 43.

From a February 6, 1971 The Schenectady Gazette (page 11) report.

 Berne-Knox Racks Up Ninth Schoharie Win

Unbeaten Berne-Knox moved one game closer to a possible Schoharie County League basketball title last Thursday night as it notched its ninth victory in a close 56-51 decision over visiting Schoharie.  Other league action saw second- place Sharon Springs post an easy 58-41 win over Greenville and Middleburgh even its league record at 5-5 with a 77-64 triumph over Duanesburgh.

Schoharie trailed at halftime, 31-28, but took a brief one-point lead in the third period on a Steve Foland field goal before Berne wrested the advantage back, 44-39, entering the final stanza. Schoharie tied the game at 46-all, but Dennis Gage led a balanced fourth-quarter scoring effort to clinch the win. Foland of Schoharie led the game with 20 points.  In JV action, Berne-Knox won, 55-38, and Middleburgh gained a 73-59 win over Duanesburgh.

From The Altamont Enterprise (February 19, 1971) as they reported on a Thursday 11, 1971 game between Berne-Knox and Schoharie.

3rd-4th Grade Basketball

Eric is playing on one of the two HP basketball teams in the Stan Evan’s Basketball League. Practices are on Tuesday and Thursday nights with games on Saturday mornings. There are eight kids on the team so everyone gets to play a lot. The games consist of 5 7 minute quarters and they are generally low scoring affairs with scores in the teens or low twenties.

Eric’s Basketball Camp

Eric finished basketball camp today – the last of four 9am-noon sessions. Community Ed did a lousy job of scheduling and booked their soccer camp the same time as the basketball camp. Eric was waffling back and forth until his friend Thomas told him about a soccer camp at SUNY IT in August. That removed his dilemma and he got to pursue two of his sports.

However, the number of participants in the camp was low due to the conflict with soccer camp. The coach is the HP Varsity Coach, Barry, and he was very encouraging. Below Coach Barry outlines the next drill for Eric and Trevor.

Below Eric leads a bounce pass to a cutting Trevor running a back door play for a layup.

Harlem Globetrotters

Wednesday night I took Eric and one of his buddies to see the Harlem Globetrotters play at the Utica Auditorium. The weather was horrendous. Kathryn was sick and couldn’t go so we invited Eric’s friend, Sawyer. We had great seats, 3rd row on the floor at mid-court. We were close enough that one of the Globetrotters ate some of Sawyer’s popcorn. The Globetrotters put on a good family show. The boys really enjoyed it.

SU Lemoyne Basketball

I share season tickets to the SU basketball games with three others.  That means I end up with 5 home games.  This year the two exhibition games (Cal State & Lemoyne) were lumped as one game I chose to go.  I like the early season games as an opportunity to see new players/freshman that are likely not to play regular minutes during the main season.

Most exhibition games are scheduled against Division II and III teams.  Last night SU played Lemoyne and lost!  It was a good game through out.  SU struggled on defense and the Lemoyne students at the game went crazy with the win.