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Snow Conditions

We have had a lot of snow and prolonged, sustained cold which has enabled the snow to accumulate.  Lots of people got worried about their roofs and shoveled snow off their roof.  The Amish stopped by and offered to shovel my roof, for pay, but I declined.   A couple nights later I did take the snow rake and clear off the lower half of our north facing roof.  Finally, we benefited from warmer weather.  The snow on the barn roof slide off in great hunks that will likely take several weeks to melt.  The impact of the snow blocks landing was great enough to cause tools to fall from the barn wall and several bottles to fall off the shelving along the north wall.


Open Winter

We have had an extremely open winter.  Rain rather than snow.  As of early February we have only had two snowfalls requiring our driveway to be plowed.  We have shoveled / scraped snow off our deck maybe 6 times in total.  The streams and ponds are full and covered with some ice – but not enough that I would walk on them.

It has not stayed cold enough that HP has been able to keep an ice skating rink in the park.  Kathryn has gone XC skiing twice with the snow fall being washed away by rain immediately afterwards.  Eric’s Wolverine Ski Club has only met once.

1st Snowfall

We got snow last Friday. Enough that Eric and Trevor went ‘sledding’ and built a small snow jump that lasted a couple days in the shade. Today’s snow was serious. 13″ of lake effect snow that closed HP and Remsen schools. Enough snow to keep the cat inside and delay my drive to work.