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Tractor Chains

Since the temperatures were a balmy 20 degrees I decided to put the chains on my tractor. I brought two loads of wood into the garage and then parked the carry-all; probably for the winter…. My tractor chains are the double link and super heavy. I hang them on the side of the barn when not in use so that when I want them I can loop them over my shoulder and stagger to the nearest tractor tire, I attached my snow blower, so I guess I am ready for winter now…..

I took the dogs for an hour long snowshoe through the woods and up the hill. 1st time out on snowshoes for the winter.

50+ Degrees

The three days following Thanksgiving were unbelievably warm. Temperatures in the mid-50s and low 60s. The days dawned sunny and clear. On Sunday morning two deer grazed below the pond as the sun came up.

Saturday we had a cookout and saw an ermine that was living in our wood pile.

Saturday I picked up our lawn mower and managed to mulch leaves and mow the lawn.

I got multiple coats of waterproofing on the pine stair in the garage leading to the camping room.

I managed to open up the deck on the south side of the house for the dog to use in bad weather. We had to close off some potential escape avenues.

Last week my tractor blew hydraulic fluid all over. It took 3+ gallons to get a minimum reading, but at least my power steering is back. I put the double link chains on – always a heavy chore.