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Trail Cam

Our dogs had a couple of encounters with porcupines: both with Trippe being the victim. Once we were able to extract the quills and once a visit to the Vet was required. I didn’t feel like the varmint had left the area so I placed a salt block in the woods and pointed the trail camera at the salt block. 90% of the photos were of deer and an inquisitive red squirrel. The rarest was of a visiting fisher.

Trail Camera Coyote

We’ve been monitoring our trail camera for almost two years now; lots of deer pictures with the occasional turkey, fox, raccoon and coyote. All our coyote images have been at night until we captured a picture of this plump coyote out strolling during the day.


Trail Camera Pictures

For my birthday in April Kathryn got a trail camera for me. During this period of lock down it has provided some entertainment and a distraction. I try to position the camera nearby or along our running trails so it can be easily checked. I usually swapped SD cards every other day just because I am interested to see if we got something new. So far there have been lots of deer but also turkey, coyote, rabbits, raccoons, and various birds. Lots of fun!