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Trail Camera Coyote

We’ve been monitoring our trail camera for almost two years now; lots of deer pictures with the occasional turkey, fox, raccoon and coyote. All our coyote images have been at night until we captured a picture of this plump coyote out strolling during the day.


Coyote Breakfast

I  had just given Eric a bowl of cereal for breakfast and grabbed a cup of tea.  I went to check messages on the computer and heard coyote howl with the sound coming from our backyard.  I looked out the window and saw a coyote sitting on the dirt pile excavated from Gary’s pond just outside our yard.


It was -9 degrees and the coyote was looking for some mice or breakfast food.  The deer browsing in the corn field either didn’t see the coyote or weren’t concerned.



After about 10 minutes the coyote left his post, crossed the frozen pond and then proceeded along our fence line, headed south at a good pace.


The next day his tracks to/from his knoll were still plain to see in the snow.


Two days later he was back again.  Snoozing on his knoll while Eric and Kathryn were warming up in the hot tub.



While Eric and Kathryn were warming up in the hot tub Mr. Coyote was headed east.