Fishing, Cookout, Canoe Race, Wedding and Horse Show

On Friday night we took Erin & Andy fishing at the pond. Eric caught 3 large mouth bass, Erin caught 3 large mouth bass and a 20 inch catfish and Andy got skunked. Andy had a large fish on, but his line broke and he lost his whopper.

After fishing we were joined by Skip, Bonnie & Cindy for a cookout in the woods. Below Bonnie loads up the wagon with soaking sweet corn. Erin, Eric and Andy wonder how much water will slop out and Cindy brings more stuff.

We grilled hamburgers, salmonburgers, hot dogs and corn. Skip, Andy and Eric await the final grilling.

We sat around the fire and had a nice chat. Ron & Jody joined us around 9:30pm. Afterwards, Skip shot off bottle rockets for our grand finale.

Saturday morning Skip & I went in the Woodsman’s Field Days Canoe Race 3.2 miles upstream on the Black River Feeder Canal.

We were beaten in the C2 class by Paul Olney and his daughter Joanne and
Joe Siegel / Mark Olney. Paul Olney set the ADK 90 Miler record in 2004 when Skip & I paddled the race.

Saturday night Kathryn and I went to Matthew Tryon’s wedding. It was a nice ceremony. Matt was joined by several members of his Civil War renactment troop, that added to the atmosphere.

Sunday Eric & I went in the BHA Hunter Show leadline classes. Eric got a 2nd in the Equitation Class, out of 6 participants! I credit Eric’s good posture, my draped lead line which enabled Eric to ‘steer’ and the mare Onyx with all contributing to Eric’s win. In the Leadline Suitability class, I believe the horse is judged as being ‘suitable’. Eric got 4th as the class order was nearly reversed as I believe the judge was just trying to even things out. All the horses in the suitability class were quiet and well behaved. Eric got a red ribbon and sticker book in the 1st class and a carrot and chocolate bar in the 2nd class. Below Onyx enjoys her carrot, models the ribbons, and Eric is a happy boy.

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