Deluxe Yoke Pads for Wenonah Cascade Canoe

After our last trip down the Hudson River it was agreed that not only was the Wenonah Cascade Royalex canoe heavy, but it was made worse by a plain ash yoke that offered no relief when portaging. Today I installed deluxe yoke pads purchased from Bourquin. A short walk around the yard felt improved, but […]

Hudson River

Skip and I planned an overnight trip down the Hudson River from Harris Lake, Newcomb to the Gooley Club take out neat Indian Lake a distance of about 14 miles encompassing several Class II and III rapids. There are two designated two takeouts. The first is 7.3 miles from the launch at a steel bridge […]

Henderson Lake and Scouting the Hudson

Skip and I took a short camping trip on Henderson Lake. We were looking for a previously unmarked campsite (site 3) which was easily found now that it is marked, but it was wet, sloping and not very attractive. We ended up staying in the lean-to, which worked out to our advantage as the day […]

St Regis Lakes

Exploring the Upper St. Regis Lake, Spitfire Lake, and Lower St. Regis Lake Lakes provides views of historic Great Camps. These lakes are connected by wide channels. These are a large lakes vulnerable to weather, which can create choppy water. Three accessible boat launches and one carry that is only .6 miles long adds up […]

Black Creek

Skip, Kathryn and I made a opening season paddle down Black Creek. We heard and saw a lot of birds; white throated sparrows, heron, ducks, buteos, Phoebees, and some geese that tried to hide along the banks. A beautiful 2 hour paddle.

Labor Day Weekend at Massawepie

Kathryn, Eric, Matt and I took advantage of the Massawepie Scout camp being open over Labor Day weekend. We camped Friday – Sunday and had perfect weather; caught several large bass, went swimming, explored adjoining ponds and the Massawepie Mire. We found a GeoCache which we opened to inspect the contents – mainly toys and […]

Eight Strokes A Side

You might remember a Tennessee Ernie Ford hit song called “Sixteen Tons” with the chorus “You load sixteen tons, what do you get? Another day older and deeper in debt. Saint Peter don’t you call me ’cause I can’t go, I owe my soul to the company store”.

Skip, Steve and I went canoe camping […]

Stillwater Reservoir and The Red Horse Trail

Steve, Skip and I planned a 5 day pond hopping trip up the Red Horse Trail north of Stillwater Reservoir. We arrived at Stillwater Reservoir at 10:30am as boats and families were coming off the reservoir. With the end of the weekend and the pending rainy forecast there were lots of available campsites. We were […]

Headwaters of the Hudson

Skip, Jim and Matt put in where County 76 crosses the Hudson. We paddle downstream, battled a stiff breeze blowing north across Sanford Lake. We encountered very shallow conditions and would probably be unable to complete our trip if there was 1″ less of water flowing. Upon reaching the confluence of the Opalescent River we […]

Cedar River Flow

Cedar River Flow is a three-mile-long impoundment in the central Adirondacks. Matt and his friend Vinnie met me in Indian Lake Village at 9am. We drove west on NY 28. A few miles outside town, just after crossing the Cedar River, we turned left onto Cedar River Road. We drove 12.3 miles to a large […]