Snowshoe Hike

I took a snowshoe hike across the road and went past our ‘Cook-out Corner’. It’s looking a little desolate and cold at this time of year. The fire pit is filled with snow. The table is covered with the lawn chairs stacked below. The frame for our tarp is awaiting summer. I had thought about camping overnight here sometime, but it gets a breezy during the winter.

I crossed a corn field that was overlain with mouse tracks and saw this interesting story. It looks like two mice went out on the town for the evening, but only one returned. I am speculating that an owl got one of the mice. Looking close you can see the imprint of the owl’s wings in the soft powder snow.

Finally I reached the top of Kirkland’s Hill where we are usually rewarded by a nice view. I tried to assemble a panoramic to show the view, but it doesn’t do it justice. You will just have to join us on a snowshoe hike to see it sometime.

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