Shaker Place

Martin Luther King weekend Skip, Jim, Matt, Mark, Len, Rob and Wayne hiked into Skip’s cabin at Shaker Place. We towed our gear on sled, because it was a short distance and level path. On the way in we passed nice slopes left on the sand pits. We looked at the steep slopes – then looked at our sleds – looked at the slopes – looked at the sleds – hey why not?

I am telling you – don’t go up there!

Skip decided to try an intermediate slope and work up his nerve before going down the radical one. It was steeper looking down from the top.

Matt was wiser than us all – he decided to stay at the bottom and capture the results on film for the pending insurance claims. This is what happens.

Jim’s Sledding Wreck @Shaker Place

Fortunately he turned the camera off quickly to spare everyone from my cries of anguish. I thought I had really, really screwed up my $25,000 hip(s). So I sat out the remainder of the sledding.

The pain subsided and I hiked out the next morning. But a week later the back of my leg looked like this.

It took four weeks for the bruising to disappear and for me to be able to return to snowshoeing and volleyball.

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