Chipmunk Hunters Feast

Previously Eric had been in conversation with Trevor about hunting and ended up chipmunk hunting, to no avail.  This past weekend when Trevor visited he brought his hunting bow and extra arrows.  Before they left the house to go hunting Kathryn teased them by saying she would return the burgers and hot dogs to the freezer if they were going to be getting meat.

After a short talk about hunter safety I accompanied the boys on their chipmunk hunt.  After 45 minutes with no success we were stalking our way back when the two boys isolated a chipmunk in a small apple tree.  Trevor’s shot struck it’s target and he was ecstatic, yelling “I got it! I got it!”.  They returned home proudly carrying the chipmunk and informed Kathryn they brought home lunch for our cookout.

Kathryn told them she wouldn’t clean it so we headed outside where Trevor gutted the chipmunk and a group effort got it skinned.  We washed it out and took it over to Cookout Corner where it got grilled and eaten.  The boys ate ‘drumsticks’ and pronounced them as ‘filling’ and ‘tasting like chicken’.


Afterwards a short game of “I Doubt It” was held on the tent platform.

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