Closing up the Garden

We did some canning/freezing this year.   A dozen jars of tomatoes, tons of acorn squash and wax beans in the freezer.  Kathryn made an elderberry-honey-brandy “elixir” which turned out quite nice.  Kathryn’s motto now being “spoon your way to health!” a la Lucy Ricardo.   Kathryn also made some elderberry-apple jam that is a knock out.  Having discovered numerous patches of elderberry on our property, she has been determined to make use of it.

I hoed the garden in an effort to minimize the amount of weeding that I will have to do next spring. The dark spot in the middle of the garden is the left-over leaves from the worm bucket.  I released those fish worms that did not end up as catfish bait.

All that’s left in the garden is a row of Brussels Sprouts.

They will continue even past the 1st snow.  I think they get better after a few frost.

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