Garden is Ready for Take Off

I started a lot of plants in doors; 4 varieties of tomatoes, broccoli, egg plant, watermelon, and artichoke. In the next week I will move the plants outdoors into a DIY green house to harden up before being planted in the garden. I began to prep the garden by hoeing the garden in phases. […]

Garden Wrap Up

Just three artichokes

This year I planted Brussel Sprouts, peas, tomatoes, broccoli, artichokes, pole beans, pumpkins, acorn squash and kale. New this year is the attempt to grow artichokes – I have never tried them before and use of hog panel fence for the pole beans. Cullen ate all the peas. The pole beans […]

Memorial Day Weekend 2019

Friday Eric had the spoken portion of his French test and did quite well. The tutoring has really helped. Saturday we went to Matt’s house for a Hay/Muller picnic. We played 9 holes of disc golf – not very well. When we got home we watched a YouTube video on footwork and throwing technique […]

Burying Leaves in the Garden

My neighbor, Rick, dumped 6 loaded of leaf mulch on my garden. I had plans to rent a tiller to mix them into the garden soil, but with the demise of my truck wasn’t possible. So I began a process of digging up the garden by shoveling and burying the leaves. I would dig a […]

Garden and Yard

The seeds (Tomato, Eggplant & Artichoke) I planted last weekend are already starting to germinate! Not much, but just poking through the potting soil. Yea!

The weather was so nice I hoed the garden and planted the 1st row of peas.

I have a large pile of leaf mulch, courtesy of neighbor Rick, to […]

Starting Seeds

My former boss, Nick Bottini, used to advise starting garden plants by St. Joseph Day, March 19. With a target date of trying to get plants in the garden by NLT the 3rd week of May that provides about 10 weeks for the seeds to germinate and sprout.

I started on that path this week. […]

Closing up the Garden

We did some canning/freezing this year. A dozen jars of tomatoes, tons of acorn squash and wax beans in the freezer. Kathryn made an elderberry-honey-brandy “elixir” which turned out quite nice. Kathryn’s motto now being “spoon your way to health!” a la Lucy Ricardo. Kathryn also made some elderberry-apple jam that is a knock out. […]

Stittville Corn Maze

My three day canoe trip to Big Bay-Piseco Lake-Fall Stream-Fall Lake-Sacandaga Lake-Lake Pleasant was canceled due to rain and low temperatures.

Saturday Eric had a noon time soccer game in cool temperatures (low 40s) with wind and rain. The kids were chilled, even when playing. They scored a 5-0 win vs Oneida. Afterwards Trevor came […]

Labor Day Weekend

Thursday night all the AYSO soccer coaches met at the HP Library for discussion and to pick our teams. I am an assistant coach working with Doug Wynne this year. Our U10 boys team has 13 kids. This year they play 7 v 7 with a goalie.

Friday I worked. We got the lawn mowed […]

Stayed Home This Weekend.

I think we have gone camping every weekend since Billie Jo’s wedding so this weekend I stayed home. However, Saturday Kathryn took Eric, Ed and Izzabella to the Renaissance Faire in Sterling.

Eric participated in archery, went through the maze with Ed and Bella and won an prize by climbing the rope ladder and […]