Land Improvements

On Friday drainage tile was installed in the field south of our house with an immediate stream of water, The pictures below show the access cleared through the fence line connecting the two pastures at their southern extremity, a view of the location of the former dirt pile – now re-distributed and graded. The middle […]

Labor Day Weekend

We cut firewood to complete Angle Trail from the pasture to North Trail. We ended up cutting live trees; most were ash but a few cherry which were all stacked under the shed to dry for next winter.

Saturday we went to see Bill Nye. He was entertaining, if you were a grown up. But […]


As the next phase in our home remodeling we are landscaping around the house, attachment and garage. This involves digging up old plants, moving them to new locations (in some cases) and planting new shrubbery.

I would dig around each shrub that was to be moved and then use my tractor and slip scoop to […]