More Snowshoe Trails

Kathryn and I (with an occasional assist by Skip), have worked on what we call our ‘Lollipop Trail’.  This is a ~3.5 mile XC ski and snowshoe trail through the woods across the road.  We started expanding by snowshoes back in mid-January and got it flagged and pretty packed down. Almost to the point where Kathryn said it was a little too slick and fast coming down the hill.

I decided to create a new branch to the trail through my neighbors hay field, up a long wooded lane and crossing a final hayfield to rejoin Lollipop at the point where the candy sucker portion meets the stick.  So I strapped on my gaiters and 10×30 snowshoes and headed out.

The snow was deep.  Too deep.  It was one of those – take 10 steps, pause to reflect why one is doing this, and then take another 10 steps.  I got 2/3ths of the trail done.  What I needed were your super flotation, doubles as bush plane pontoons, super long snow shoes like Matt has.  It was perfect conditions for them.

Going back was easy.  Hopefully, I can complete the trail in the next day or two despite the 6″ of fresh snow we got in the past 24 hours.