Covid Vaccine and Adding to the Snowshoe Trails

Kathryn and I got the second Pfizer shot today.  So far, no side effects to mention, knock on wood.  In fact, it doesn’t even hurt as much as it did with the first one.    I hope tonight goes well.  They told us NOT to take ANYTHING (no Tylenol, no aspirin, no nothing) unless you “can’t bear it” and “simply can’t stand it.”  They said that several times, and told us both the same thing.  We don’t want anything to interfere with your immune system response, they said.  We want your immune system to go full bore and do it’s job, they said. 

Eric has been working part time at Olney’s Flowers to help with the Valentine’s Day rush. Eric had his first “slip and slide” on his way to work.  It was precipitating very lightly – freezing rain.  He didn’t make the corner by Edwards Road and got into the icy snowbank but missed the signs.  We pulled him out with the truck.  He said “I braked too late.  Now I realize you need to slow down BEFORE you get into the curve.” I told him “Slow the F###down!” but otherwise no yelling.  Lesson learned, we hope.  Minor damage to the front fender, which popped out a little bit.  Major learning experience, we hope. 

Eric is working again this week T/Th/Fr/Su so I guess they are keeping him on for now – even though he was late to work today! (only 30 minutes, and he said he got teased good for the accident).  He said they were pretty busy today.  Last minute shoppers, I guess. We packed a trail from cookout corner across Gary’s hay field, up through the lane connecting to the “Deer Stand Field”, through the pine woods and connecting with our previous trail to the top of Kirkland’s field. The snow was heavy wet and deep but packed down to make a decent XC trail.