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Lake Kushaqua – Rainbow Lake

Took a nice 3 day trip starting at Lake Kushaqua. Lake Kushaqua is a 380 acres lake near Loon Lake and Rainbow Lake in the town of Franklin, It is on the North Branch of the Saranac River. The shoreline is state owned except for two small in-holdings.

We paddled to Clear Pond (~5 miles). Clear Pond parallels the three-mile long narrow Rainbow Lake, separated from it by a narrow esker. Day 2 we paddled empty canoes from Rainbow Lake to Jones Pond and Osgood Pond and then returned to our Clear pond campsite. The round trip distance is about 12 miles with a 1.5 mile carry between Rainbow Lake and Jones Pond. That took us about 6 hours, which is more than I really want to be paddling anymore.We caught a break with the weather in that we only experienced rain on Tuesday morning; so we sat under a tarp and had a leisurely breakfast. Day 3 we paddled out.

1st Weekend of May

Kathryn (and Scout) did an solo overnight canoe camping trip to Moss Lake on Thursday / Friday.


Friday Eric was home sick with a sore throat.  In the afternoon I got our riding lawnmower fired up and did a 1st time mowing of the lawn.  Saturday we cut trees along the meadow.  Kathryn sprained her ankle and got Hawthorne thorns in her leg.  I got a wagon load of manure from Weslie Hughes for the pumpkin patch and planted tomato plants in the garden.

13th Lake

We spent an overnight with friends Jane and Rick at 13th Lake. Friday afternoon we messed around on the lake as Eric tried out Jane’s kayak, Kathryn tried out their Hornbeck Lost Pond canoe and Jim tried out the Seda Scout canoe. Friday evening we went through pictures and re-lived old camping stories.

On Saturday morning Jane & Rick left to stuff envelopes for the local library and we hiked Balm of Gilead Mtn near the Garnet Hill XC Ski Center in North River, NY. Balm of Gilead Mountain is a hike of less than a mile to summit at 2,145 feet. It ranks as the 581st highest mountain in New York and the 39419th highest mountain in the United States.

While the hike up was short it was humid as all get out and we sweat profusely. We were glad to reach the summit ledges and the views of Thirteenth Lake, Peaked Mtn, Bullhead Mtn, Puffer Mt, and Eleventh Mtn.

On both Friday and Saturday our ‘water time’ concluded with Eric and Jim having tube wars. Eric declared himself as ‘un-dunkable’ and Jim took up the challenge.

Great time and we hope to get a chance to canoe camp with Jane and Rick soon.