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Middleburg Zombie Run

3rd-annual-zombie-run-logoKathryn took Eric, Ethan and Stone to the 3rd Annual Zombie Run in Middleburg.  Each member of the team has a football flag belt with two belts.  At least ONE person on your team MUST pass the finish line with at least ONE flag.  Your entire team finishes when your last runner crosses the line.  Stone died, Kathryn cheated but lived, Ethan survived by astounding the zombies with his back flips (8x) and Eric survived by hopping over a fence.  After the run the boys ate deep fried twinkles and Oreo’s before a dinner at Subway and returning home.


Daniel Barden Mudfest 2016

Kathryn once again organized a team for the 4th Annual Daniel Barden Mudfest including Eric, Stone and 4 friends: Hannah, Oliva, Mackenzie and Jessica.  This year was the 4th annual Mudfest.  In 2013 Eric and Trevor ran the kids course and Kathryn ran with Beth.  In 2014 it was cold and rainy; Eric did not compete but Kathryn was joined by Beth and Skip.  In 2015 Kathryn was joined by Eric and Stone.

2016-04-30 Daniel Barden

Tough Turtle

Kathryn, Eric, Billie Jo, Stone, Dakota, Margaret and Harrison all completed the Tough Turtle Obstacle course run.  Kathryn and Margaret ran in the 10am wave and then turned around and repeated the full 5k course in the Family Run wave at noon.

2014-04-19 Tough Turtle

The Tough Turtle features a 5k course with 17 obstacles, along the lovely Cayuga Waterfront Trail, and rustic Black Diamond Trail on the south shores of Cayuga Lake, minutes from downtown Ithaca. The starting line was at the Ithaca Children’s Garden Turtle, ​at the ​south​ end​ of the Ithaca Children’s Garden. The course followed a stay left rule throughout the whole course. The course heads south, following the Water Front Trail and turns north under Rt. 89. The course continued north up the Cayuga Water Front Trail and crossed Cass Park fields before reversing back to follow the Water Front trail south, back under Rt. 89. The course went straight and reversed again before going under Rt. 96. The course ran north along the Water Front Trail to the Black Diamond Trail and up towards Rt. 96, up a steep grade. Racers came down the hill, and headed north on the Black Diamond Trail before ducking into the woods to the east of the Black Diamond Trail for an obstacle, and  south along the woods at far edge of Union Fields. The course then ran across the fields parallel to the Black Diamond Trial and finished along the Cass Park Access Rd near the end of the Ithaca Children’s Garden Parking Lot.

Tough Turtle Course Map

Afterwards the team spent a night in Cortland at a hotel with a pool returning home Sunday morning.