Scout Guarding Her Cache

The dogs were bored and the weather was nice so Kathryn gave the two dogs each a bone and they hung outside. After a period of gnawing Scout decided to cache her bone under a small pile of driveway gravel and watch over it. Later Cullin made the mistake of wandering too close to […]

Scout Fishing

Scout was intrigued by the small fish around the dock. When she first saw them she leaped from the dock onto the fish with no success. Then she started stalking the fish. Finally she graduated to trying to ambush the fish. Although she never captured a fish she would spend hours trying.


Scout and Kathryn Go To School

Kathryn enrolled Scout in a dog training class. It is a good opportunity to work with the dog and get her socialized to other dogs and people.

Scout enjoys the attention and excels at sit and laying down.