Scout Fishing

Scout was intrigued by the small fish around the dock. When she first saw them she leaped from the dock onto the fish with no success. Then she started stalking the fish. Finally she graduated to trying to ambush the fish. Although she never captured a fish she would spend hours trying.


Fishing Alternatives

Saturday stayed foggy all day. Kathryn’s brother, Tim, visited us for lunch, games of euchre and a short hike through the woods. Tim brought their new dog, Abby and Abby had a good run with Scout. It had been many years since I played Euchre and it was Eric’s 1st time.

After Tim left at […]

Full Moon Weekend

Eric and I were bachelors this past weekend as Kathryn went to Rochester on a multipurpose visit:

Lunch with long time friend Debbie Shopping for new clothes Dinner with high school friend Judy Irish-fest with brother Tim and niece Sarah Going away/deployment party for nephew John and wife Danielle Brunch with long time friend Kathy […]

Fishing Success

This weekend we did a little fishing.

Catching some not very big sunfish.

Not very big…..

Sunday night we went fishing in our pond. Eric caught a good size catfish but he wasn’t too sure about getting close to it.


Feeding Fish

Our pond is stocked with Large Mouth Bass and Catfish. I feed the fish every other day or two and the catfish have grown quite large (22-24″). They are voracious eaters. As I start to throw fish food onto the pond the swirls begin.

More fish show up and begin swimming along the surface […]

An Entirely Synthetic Fish

Last night we went to Hamilton College to hear Anders Halverson the author of An Entirely Synthetic Fish: How Rainbow Trout Beguiled America and Overran the World discuss his book. It was enlightening. Who knew that Rainbow Trout had such a limited native range and were so heavily promoted.

Suppose that, more than a century […]

Fishing in the Pond

Friday evening Kathryn, Eric and I went fishing in our pond with an intent to catch some catfish and relocate them to the pond below our house. By my estimation there are 18-20 large catfish in our pond and they are overcrowded. I caught a small large mouth bass and a catfish while Eric managed […]

Last Feeding of the Fish

As we hit the end of October and the temperatures cool the fish become less active. I have been actively feeding 3xs a week all summer and my bag of RISE fish food is nearly empty. On Wednesday we took the last 1/2 can of food to the pond and got only a few fish […]

Feeding The Fish

I have been trying to feed our pond fish nearly every night getting them fat in preparation for winter. As the water temperature cools they will become more dormant and eat less.

It is pretty cool walking down to the pond in the evening. The water is calm and still; a reflection of the sky. […]