Garden is Ready for Take Off

I started a lot of plants in doors; 4 varieties of tomatoes, broccoli, egg plant, watermelon, and artichoke. In the next week I will move the plants outdoors into a DIY green house to harden up before being planted in the garden. I began to prep the garden by hoeing the garden in phases. […]

1st Weekend in June

Hip Replacements. There has been a lot of press about FDA requiring analysis of metal on metal hip replacements due to concerns of metal wear and/or metal leakage into the blood stream. I had been experiencing a slight burning sensation in my left thigh. I have been concerned about playing volleyball (3xs/week) and it had […]

Planting the Garden

I planted my 1st row of peas several weeks ago and they are coming up nicely. They can be seen in the background of the picture. Today I planted much of the remainder of my garden tonight. A 2nd row of peas, brussel sprouts, yellow wax beans, pole beans, cucumbers, and pumpkins. This is my […]

Fish Worms

We have been getting a LOT of rain lately. The ground is saturated and we got another continuous day and night of rain on Tuesday. Wednesday am Kathryn arose at 5:20am to go swimming. I got up, dressed, threw in some laundry and when Kathryn returned I drove to the HP HS and picked up […]

Our Yard

Eric picked daffodils for Kathryn to decorate the house prior to Billie Jo, Maureen and Wendy coming over to make wedding favors. He was carefully clipping each one, making a pile and then counting to ensure he had enough.

My peas are coming up and my tomatoes are sprouting.

On Saturday I […]

Wrapping up the garden

This was a good year for our garden. Other than the dogs eating a row of peas things worked out well. This weekend I made the last harvest: a shopping bag of green beans, 3 nearly ripe tomatoes and a dozen cherry tomatoes. A few lesson’s learned are worth noting:

We got 9 volunteer pumpkins […]