Broomstick Lake

Matt & I exchanged emails about our desire to get out for an overnight camping trip. We settled on Broomstick Lake, about an hour’s drive for each of us.

Our initial plan was to meet Saturday afternoon and camp Saturday night, but with no one else joining our trip we discussed the possibility of […]

Jockeybush Lake

Matt, Mark, Rick and I were yearning for a trip in the woods and selected an easy trip into Jockeybush Lake for an overnight camping trip. With temperatures in the mid-40s our hike was pleasant. Jockeybush Lake is a 1.1 mile hike up a 200′ grade with two small stream crossings. Access to the trail […]

Algonquin Dog Sledding

We began our discussion of a possible dog sledding / winter camping trip in the early fall. By organizing a small group and committing early we hoped to achieve a group trip discount. Our plan was for a 4 day / 3 night dog sledding trip in Algonquin Park, Ontario Canada over the Holiday break. […]

DIY Tyvek Bivy

I had a couple of pieces of 9′ Tyvek left over from the home remodeling that I wanted to experiment with for camping applications. I took a piece to use as a ground cloth in my megamid tipi when we winter camped on Peaked Mountain.

The piece had been left over when the patio […]

Jockeybush Lake

We were looking to get in a quick overnight trip before black fly season. Looking at the weather report for the weekend, things didn’t look very promising, with high winds, rain and freezing temperatures forecast for the weekend. So Skip and Jim decided on a short Friday night overnight trip with plans to extract before […]

Where I Slept Last Night

After my aborted winter camping trip to Gull Lake I wanted an opportunity to use the Eureka Kaycee 0 degree sleeping bag that had been provided to me. So Monday night while Eric and Kathryn were at piano lessons and swimming I packed up my gear and hiked into the woods across the road to […]

Gull Pond

Earlier in winter I had been contacted by Ed’s Wilderness Systems to use and review one of his pulks for winter camping. At the beginning of March I was contacted by a representative of Eureka! offering a winter camping sleeping bag for review.

Over the winter I did a lot of snowshoeing but few overnight […]

Mitchell Ponds

Mitchell Ponds is located southeast of Old Forge, NY at 43.6709°N 74.7485°W, elevation at 1,919 feet in the Moose River Plain. The western access from the Moose River Plains Road is across an old road that travels 1.7 miles to the foot of Mitchell Ponds. This trail is an easy hike up and over a […]

Shaker Place

Martin Luther King weekend Skip, Jim, Matt, Mark, Len, Rob and Wayne hiked into Skip’s cabin at Shaker Place. We towed our gear on sled, because it was a short distance and level path. On the way in we passed nice slopes left on the sand pits. We looked at the steep slopes – then […]

An Oldie Picture

A few weeks ago I got a new computer – a Dell, pre-loaded with MicroSoft Vista, despite my best attempts to ward it off. Almost everything transitioned smoothly except my MicroTek ScanMaker 4900 flatbed scanner which, officially, is not supported with Vista device drivers. After many machinations I finally got it to work tonight.

Coincidentally, […]