Stillwater Reservoir and The Red Horse Trail

Steve, Skip and I planned a 5 day pond hopping trip up the Red Horse Trail north of Stillwater Reservoir. We arrived at Stillwater Reservoir at 10:30am as boats and families were coming off the reservoir. With the end of the weekend and the pending rainy forecast there were lots of available campsites. We were […]

Jockeybush Lake

Matt, Mark, Rick and I were yearning for a trip in the woods and selected an easy trip into Jockeybush Lake for an overnight camping trip. With temperatures in the mid-40s our hike was pleasant. Jockeybush Lake is a 1.1 mile hike up a 200′ grade with two small stream crossings. Access to the trail […]

Rock Lake Fishing Derby

We planned an overnight canoe camping trip for 4; with Eric inviting his buddy Trevor. The last minute Trevor bailed on the trip, so we unloaded one of the canoes, cut down on our food and decided to continue. The weather was perfect.

Kathryn and Eric had a two day fishing contest while we were […]

Henderson Lake

Over Columbus Weekend Matt, Skip and I squeezed in one last late season canoe camping trip to Henderson Lake; making it the 3rd trip to Henderson this year for Skip and I, including our May scouting trip, our July tour with Steve, Kathryn and Eric. We had gorgeous weather on Sunday, a clear starry night […]

Long Lake to The Crusher

I took a 4 day canoe trip from Long Lake down the Racquette River over the 1 mile carry to the Crusher (Racquette River and Route 3). This route is part of the Northern Forest Canoe Trail and most of the route of the 2nd day of the 90 Mile Adirondack Canoe Classic.


Canoe Camping St Regis & Round Lake

Skip & I went to St Regis Canoe Wilderness area on Saturday AM. We launched from Hoel Pond, hopped over the RR into Turtle Pond and Slang Pond. We did the short portage into Long Pond and set up camp on the north shore across from the portage as it started to sprinkle rain. […]

Canoe Camping at Round Lake

I’ve gone winter camping with Jason several times, including our memorable dog sledding trip. Jay was interested in canoe camping and last year when I met his fiancee, Beth, we talked about scheduling a canoe camping trip. We scheduled 9-10 August for our trip and then anxiously watched the weather forecast fluctuate all over the […]

Camping with the next generation

When Adam and Matt were small (pre-teen) I took them on a couple of camping trips:

Once on Barton Hill in back of my parent’s house where they brought everything- pillows, dinosaur books, flashlights with dead batteries and two cook kits, “because I didn’t have to wash one”. Needless to say Kathryn and I remember […]